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I think all comparisons are lame. Colombia may not be as developed as some countries but it will grow much more with others. The important thing is that you can see this country is always trying to be more progressive and more responsive to the needs of its people year by year.

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After overcoming the epidemic period, the economy has somewhat improved. However, the existence of an economic recession in 2023 has greatly affected GDP growth. Looking back, there will be industries that are suitable for development time. Market operations are cyclical and repetitive, so you can wait for opportunities 

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The Quest Begins:

One fateful day, suika game stumbled upon a mysterious portal hidden amidst the verdant orchards of Fruitopia. Intrigued by the unknown beyond, Suika mustered all their courage and took a leap of faith, stepping into the portal and embarking on a grand adventure into the unknown.

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